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Solstice Moon

Halooo the com?

Posted by sulien on 07.18.2010 at 1.39.am
Okey dokey, since LJ has gotten the ever so brilliant idea of purging journals which haven't had posts and comments for a year or so, I figured I'd make a quick post.

To keep this on topic, does anyone else still think that a "The Hobbit" movie will ever be made?  MGM has royally fouled up by continuing to put things off, but I hope that doesn't mean the movie is canceled.  I also very sincerely hope that they don't decide to cut corners and do it half way, either.


A music recommendation for you folks

Posted by sulien on 02.17.2009 at 4.31.pm
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*drops a pin and listens to the ping echoing off the virtual walls of the empty com* Okey dokey, folks, it's been far too quiet in here of late. I'm going to try to start things off again with a music recommendation for all of us Tolkien fans and anyone who enjoys good folk music. I was recently made aware that Colin J. Rudd has two CDs available for sale and had to post a recommendation for his music. You can see his music videos on Youtube and contact him there to get his Paypal information to purchase the CDs. Definitely go and check out his music on Youtube, whether you're a Tolkien fan or not. He's got a beautiful, mellifluous voice and his guitar work is exceptional!

Does anyone else have any recommendations for music inspired by Tolkien?  I know there are some excellent metal bands out there, as well as all of the folk musicians.  :-)

Behind the cut are some of Colin Rudd's videos of songs that are on his CD Songs of JRR Tolkien.Collapse )

*snaps fingers*  I've finally figured out who it is that plays Glorfindel in the movie in my mind whenever I read Tolkien.  It's Justin Hayward, lead singer of The Moody Blues!  If you're somehow not familiar with him and them, check out the Youtube vids for the songs "Your Wildest Dreams" and "I Know You're Out There Somewhere"

"The Fellowship of the Ring" was on today and I watched bits of it, wishing, as usual, that they could have kept Glorifindel in the movie.  I could always see Glorfindel in my mind whenever I read, but his face has never really come into focus completely and I've always wondered who could have played the part.  I've considered a few people, including David Bowie, but none of them really fit for me.  Then, later this evening, I was browsing the net and wound up watching some vids of The Moody Blues when it suddenly clicked.  Justin Hayward has (well, had, since he's getting older) the looks, the beautiful voice and the golden hair, all rolled up in one neat package.  All he's missing is immortality and ever so slightly pointed ears.  Yeah, I've never been partial to blondes, but Justin Hayward and Glorfindel have always been exceptions to that rule.  :-)

Cut for Justin Hayward/Glorfindel picspam. *g*Collapse )
Edited to add the picspam under a cut.


Favorite scene that didn't make it into the movies

Posted by sulien on 07.07.2008 at 11.48.am
sheiannasherra mentioned a scene from The Two Towers that made me think of one of my very favorite scenes that didn't make it into the movie script and I wondered what other scenes you folks wish could have been included.

Mine is the scene in The Two Towers when the Three Hunters first encounter Éomer and the Rohirrim. In the books, Aragorn draws Andúril and declares himself as the Heir of Isildur. I always loved that scene and desperately wanted to see my Ranger from the books but, alas, he didn't really make it into the films. :-(


Lord of the Rongs Icon Challenge

Posted by orli121 on 07.02.2008 at 2.08.pm
I just wanted to let everyone know that I have created an icon challenge in the graphics_realm. Hope you all will participate :)

Farewell All.



Rivendell in Ojai, California

Posted by sulien on 06.17.2008 at 9.29.pm
This is from an old fan report on theonering.net for the Ojai Music Festival, in Ojai, California.  I was watching the Travel Channel and they showed an Adirondack style log home that made me think of this, so of course I had to go and find the article and pictures.

The photos are of the home of architect Marc Whitman, which makes me think of Rivendell.  If I ever hit the lottery for a big jackpot, I'm going to have this guy design my house in redwood country (though not in among the trees, it would damage their roots too much).  It'd be much, much smaller than this, but along similar lines.  Here's the photo that made me think of Imladris.

ETA: And here's an article on the architect and the house.

LOTR - Arwen Books

LOTR parody...

Posted by dawnintheforest on 04.22.2008 at 1.50.am
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Has anybody else seen this? What do you think? Funny? Stupid? Over the top? So-so?
Well, it's LOTR related - so here you go. It's 18 minutes long, mind.

LOTR - Arwen Books

The Lord of the Rings Musical in London:

Posted by dawnintheforest on 04.11.2008 at 5.50.pm
Current Location: London
I went to see the LOTR musical last night in London.
I came expecting an amazing set, amazing costumes, and really cool technical effects. I also came expecting a certain "cheese-factor", as this is a serious drama of about 1300 pages (referring to the book, in case you're feeling slow) crammed into 3 hours - not to mention put to song!

What I got was more or less what I expected, yet so much more! The set and everything truly was worth the money all on its own. The acting was good, and so was the singing. And there was definitely a lot of lines delivered meant to be dramatic or neutral (the point is, not meant to be funny) that I softly laughed at when hearing.
One of the things I loved the most about the show, which I wasn't sure of upon arrival was that it is a straight adaptation of the book(s) and not of the Peter Jackson movies. So although they had to cut TONS, and change lots, there were many scenes that were truer to the books or included that the movies were/did not.
There were a couple songs I really liked straight away, like "The Road Goes On", "Lothlorien", and (especially, think it might be my favorite) "Now and For Always". And the rest are growing on me as I listen to the soundtrack right now.

I'm a huge LOTR fan, so it's possible that I'm biased in my impression of the musical. But I really recommend seeing it!
The London show closes some time in July 2008, so hurry up and go see it if you're in town (or can get yourself in town)!!!



15 Movie Quotes Meme Answers!

Posted by sheiannasherra on 03.30.2008 at 2.47.pm
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Here are the answers to the Movie Quotes Meme... Now you can finally find out why #14 sounded so familiar! -_^

This Way To The Answers!Collapse )


15 Favorite Movies Quotes Meme

Posted by sheiannasherra on 03.23.2008 at 2.20.pm
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This it totally non LotR related but that's one of the things Beleriand Realm is for! *giggle* I'm feeling a bit better today and also very bored so I decided to prove that _grayswandir_ is not, as she mentioned in her journal when posting this meme, the last person to post it. Since my flist is a bit on the short side, I thought that more people would see it here. Hopefully, it will be a fun challenge and give everyone a better idea of my taste in movies (though I had to leave off a couple because I have a lot more than 15 favorites!) Some of these should be really easy, some not so much.
Anyway... here is the 15 Favorite Movie Quotes Meme.
This way to the meme!Collapse )

Edit: to add a clue for #5 and a second quote for #12!

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