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A music recommendation for you folks

Posted by sulien on 02.17.2009 at 4.31.pm
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*drops a pin and listens to the ping echoing off the virtual walls of the empty com* Okey dokey, folks, it's been far too quiet in here of late. I'm going to try to start things off again with a music recommendation for all of us Tolkien fans and anyone who enjoys good folk music. I was recently made aware that Colin J. Rudd has two CDs available for sale and had to post a recommendation for his music. You can see his music videos on Youtube and contact him there to get his Paypal information to purchase the CDs. Definitely go and check out his music on Youtube, whether you're a Tolkien fan or not. He's got a beautiful, mellifluous voice and his guitar work is exceptional!

Does anyone else have any recommendations for music inspired by Tolkien?  I know there are some excellent metal bands out there, as well as all of the folk musicians.  :-)

Behind the cut are some of Colin Rudd's videos of songs that are on his CD Songs of JRR Tolkien.

Lament for Boromir

The Cottage of Lost Play

The Mewlips


Beren and Tinúviel

Also check out this cool computer animated video of The Mewlips with music by Colin Rudd. It is wicked cool! (Why yes, I am an eager teenager when it comes to some things.)

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