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The Lord of the Rings Musical in London:

I went to see the LOTR musical last night in London.
I came expecting an amazing set, amazing costumes, and really cool technical effects. I also came expecting a certain "cheese-factor", as this is a serious drama of about 1300 pages (referring to the book, in case you're feeling slow) crammed into 3 hours - not to mention put to song!

What I got was more or less what I expected, yet so much more! The set and everything truly was worth the money all on its own. The acting was good, and so was the singing. And there was definitely a lot of lines delivered meant to be dramatic or neutral (the point is, not meant to be funny) that I softly laughed at when hearing.
One of the things I loved the most about the show, which I wasn't sure of upon arrival was that it is a straight adaptation of the book(s) and not of the Peter Jackson movies. So although they had to cut TONS, and change lots, there were many scenes that were truer to the books or included that the movies were/did not.
There were a couple songs I really liked straight away, like "The Road Goes On", "Lothlorien", and (especially, think it might be my favorite) "Now and For Always". And the rest are growing on me as I listen to the soundtrack right now.

I'm a huge LOTR fan, so it's possible that I'm biased in my impression of the musical. But I really recommend seeing it!
The London show closes some time in July 2008, so hurry up and go see it if you're in town (or can get yourself in town)!!!
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